Objectives of an e-book cover

An e-book cover has only one objective and that is to give potential readers an impression of what’s the book is about in order to trigger interest.

Some e-book covers will go a step further and actually tell readers what the books about, particularly non-fiction e-books.

A good e-book cover will convey that genre of the book, and a few pointers to indicate the main characters, mood or plot.

A poorly designed, amateurish looking e-book cover will have a number of negative impacts on the sales of your books.

Firstly, readers tend to think that that the cover of a book reflects the quality of the content. To readers, a poorly designed, home-made looking cover probably indicates that the content of the book is of low quality too, even if it isn’t!

And secondly, if a cover does not convey the right message about the genre and content of the book, potential readers will not bother to investigate further.

Without being too complicated, and e-book cover has to communicate, in a few seconds, what the book is about. Is it thriller? Is it about a football match? Is it a love story? Is it a self-help book? Is it a murder story? Is it a thriller? Is it a political drama?

An e-book cover designer has three tools to work with. These are colour, imagery, and fonts. These three elements work together to give an overall style for the book cover. In addition a good e-book cover designer will also use his or her skills in graphic design to produce a cover which looks stylish, well-balanced and pleasing to the eye.

Of course online, e-book covers will be supported by blurb about your book which will also tempt readers to buy. But if your e-book cover looks instantly appealing, and your blurb is compelling, you can expect more sales of your e-book.

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