Good ebook cover design – why it is important

Your ebook cover heavily impacts on the amount of interest your book receives. A stylish professional design using imagery, fonts and colours to communicate clearly what a book is about has a huge influence in determining which books outsell others in the same genre.

First impressions count

To achieve maximum sales you need to make the right decisions about your book cover.  You should think of a book cover in terms of product packaging. First impressions count. Just like a retail consumer considering a product in a supermarket, a reader often looks at a book cover first when deciding whether or not to further investigate a book that they might like to read. Of course things are slightly different in the digital world. Getting the blurb right about your ebook is also very important. Even so, a poorly designed, amateurish looking book cover will do nothing to encourage sales of your book as readers tend to think that the quality of the cover reflects the content of your book.

Leave it to the experts

A common mistake is for authors to make their own decisions on what their cover should look like based on their gut feeling about what will work for their book. The issue here is that in most cases authors are skilled at writing but not the design, sales and marketing techniques that will really make a difference in terms of that books sell well and those that don’t. It’s for this reason that top selling authors rarely have any input into the look and feel of the covers of their books. Design decisions are left to the sales and marketing departments of the publishing houses who work closely with the cover designers. Through years of experience, they know what designs work best in terms of attracting interest and increasing sales. The authors hardly get a look in!

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