No doubt you will have queries about our ebook cover service. Please send us you queries via email contact@studiobookcovers.com and we will provide full answers. Meanwhile, here are some of the more Frequently Asked Questions (Ebook FAQs).

Do you book covers for print?

No. Our specialty is ebook cover design. Our ebook covers are suitable for presentation on the web, but not for print. The resolution is too low.

Can I choose the images that I want to display on my ebook cover?

Yes of course. We will send you links to recommended stock image libraries and you can choose the image that you feel best represents your work. If you are not too sure which image to use, we are happy to offer advice.

Can I you use images and artwork that I supply?

Yes, providing they are good quality and not too small. We are happy to review any images you send us. You must own the copyright of any images you supply. Supplying your own images does not affect our design fee.

What will be the size and file format of my ebook cover ?

We will deliver one  jpg file, 1600 pixels by 2500 pixels, 300 dpi, suitable for Smashwords and Amazon. Please check that an ebook cover 1600 pixels by 2500 pixels is suitable for your publisher.We can design to other dimension requirements, but please let us know before we start work.

Will you upload my image to my online publisher’s website?

No. This is something you will have to do yourself.

Who owns the copyright of my ebook cover?

Once you have paid, you do.

What if I’m unhappy with the service that you offer and want to cancel?

Not a problem. No payment is due. We can offer this guarantee because we are confident in our skills. If you decide to cancel for any reason, the copyright of any ebook cover designs remains with us and you cannot use your cover for any purpose without breach of copyright. Fairs fair.

Do you design spines and back covers?

No. Ebooks do not need back covers or spines. We specialise in ebook covers only.


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