Regardless of the ebook cover design package that you choose, the process is broadly similar. Here are the main steps.

Step One – choose an ebook design package

The first step is to decide how much you can afford to spend on your book cover. Our advice is to opt for the best package you can afford – Silver or even Gold if your budget can stretch that far. If you have put a lot of time and effort into your book, why not give it the best chance of success?  Having said that, even our Bronze Standard covers can have a dramatic impact on the sales of your book. So your first job is to choose an ebook cover design package that suits you.

Step Two – complete an ebook design order form or email us your brief

Complete an ebook cover design order form or send your brief to

We’ll need some basic information about your ebook: title, sub-title (if you are having one), author name, is it non-fiction or fiction, a brief synopsis, details of any key scenes, locations or characters that you think could be featured on your cover and any design ideas that you have. It’s also useful to do some research into the type of covers that are typical for your genre. Take particular note of the styles used for the best sellers!

Step Three – the designing begins

Once we know what package you want, and we have all the information we need about your book, we can begin designing the cover. The number of concepts you receive depends on your ebook design package.

Step Four – give your feedback

We ask for your feedback on the general layout, fonts and images used. Two rounds of revisions are included in the price. After that, there is a small charge or each further round of revisions.

Step Five – sign off and pay for your ebook cover

When you are happy with your book cover, we ask for payment – either by direct transfer or PayPal.

Step Six – receive your ebook cover

When payment has cleared, we will send you an optimised jpg file of your book cover.


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